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zyto nutritional scan

If your body could tell you what it needs to be healthy, what would it say? More water? A change in diet? Supplements? When it comes to optimal well being, your body can tell you what it needs and that's where bio-communication technology from Zyto comes in.

This patent pending technology asks your body questions and records the answers. The computer sends your body a question called a digital stressor and then monitors your response by tracking changes in galvonic skin response(GSR), a well established biomarker. One application of GSR that people are familiar with is lie detector testing.

One hand is placed on a hand cradle, creating an electronic conversation between the clients skin (the largest organ) and the LSA computerized software program. This allows the body to communicate both physical and emotional imbalances. In response, the LSA begins to pinpoint the best approach to bring the body back to balance.

Why is this technology important to me?

It's an effective way of providing us with more details about your current health status.This information helps determine which clinical solutions will have the most positive impact on your health in the least amount of time. ZYTO's technology does not diagnose or treat disease, but information is a critical part of healthcare and information about you is the objective of bio-communication.

Are the results accurate?

Yes. Recently, a hospital study was conducted that showed a 95.2% correlation between the results of ZYTOs technology and the recommendations of the doctor.

What can I expect from my experience?

The interface between your body and Zyto's bio-communication software is the ergonomically designed hand cradle. You simply rest your hand on the cradle while the computer sends digital stressors and gathers your response data. In this way we are able to gather significant information about your body. This information helps determine which solutions (diet, supplements, homeopathics, etc...) will have the most positive impact on your health in the least amount of time. The whole experience is comfortable, painless and incredibly informative. You will leave with a clear plan for optimal health!


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